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    The Starting Block - West Michigan's Non-Profit Regional Incubator Kitchen and Entrepreneurial Center.

  • Anniversary - The Starting Block is celebrating 13 years!

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    Industry Champion - The Starting Block is a winner of the Corp! 2015 Food and Agriculture Award and named 'Industry Champion'!

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    Dairy Equipment - The Starting Block has a pasteurizer for making dairy products!

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    Learn More - Read the Michigan Municipal League's case study on The Starting Block. HERE

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    Equipment - Kitchen users have access to costly kitchen equipment at low-cost rents.

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    Start your business - Your favorite recipe can become a profitable, wealth-creating business!

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    The Starting Block Kitchen - Our fully equipped incubator kitchen facility is a great place to start your food business.

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    The Starting Block - Our experienced and passionate staff provide the support and assistance to help your business succeed.

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    The Starting Block - A home for individuals who want to take a special recipe to market.

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    Entrepreneurial Support - We offer support and education opportunities to help get your business started.

Welcome to The Starting Block

The Starting Block is a home for individuals who want to take a special recipe to market or create a food business.

We are a non-profit, regional economic development organization committed to small business development initiatives - for businesses just starting out, or companies outgrowing their current facilities.

We provide entrepreneurs, producers, and processors properly equipped, licensed, and inspected food processing kitchens at reasonable rentals without the initial investment in costly facilities and equipment.

Commercial Kitchens

The shared-use, fully-equipped commercially licensed kitchens help meet food processing needs at low hourly rental rates. Our kitchens are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!

Small Dairy Facility

We are one of the few kitchen incubators with a 100-gallon Vat Pasteurizer for making cheese and other dairy products.

Warehouse & Storage

Refrigerator, freezer, and dry pallet storage is available for rent. Check our

Fee Schedule for more details.

Office Rental

Office rental at our facility includes computer and internet access, phone, and office support.

Additional Services

    In addition to commercial kitchens, storage, and office rental, The Starting Block offers:

  • Product Development

    Technical advice is offered on food production, pH testing, recipe batching, packaging, and labeling.

  • Education

    Small business management, networking, and individual business guidance are offered, along with classes on Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Small Business Management.

  • Expert Resources

    In addition to the kitchen and entrepreneurial support at The Starting Block, support is available through the Michigan State University Product Center.


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