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Since 2006, The Starting Block has served as West Michigan's non-profit regional kitchen incubator and entrepreneurial center. As a shared-use facility, we help entrepreneurs start their food-related businesses at reasonable rentals without the initial investment in costly facilities and equipment. We offer low-cost kitchen rental, refrigerated, frozen, and dry storage, warehouse space, and office rental. From product development to marketing and outreach, we provide the assistance and support to help you acheive your business dreams.


The Starting Block offers a fully-equipped licensed, commercial kitchen as well as two additional commercial, licensed kitchens for specialty and small-scale production, and a USDA-inspected meat processing facility. This is the first USDA-inspected meat processing incubator facility in the state, and one of few in the country. Certified staff in food handling and equipment operation are available for assistance and training. The Starting Block kitchens and meat facility are available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


To incubate and support the entrepreneurial spirit, in the food systems and natural resources sector, by providing licensed commercial kitchen facilities, entrepreneurial education and peer-to-peer networking to new and expanding businesses in the multi-county, West Central Michigan region and beyond.

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Commercial Kitchen

For information on getting started using the kitchens, rental rates, and available equipment visit our Kitchen Facility page.


Meat Facility

For information on getting started in our USDA-inspected meat kitchen, rental rates, and more, visit our Meat Facility page.



Office Rental

Office rental includes computer and internet access, phone, and office support. See sidebar for Office Rental Rates.